On Oct 7, 2015 I suffered an ischemic stroke at the age of 44.  I spent 5 days in neuro ICU, followed by 65 days of in-patient rehab.  I was left side affected and have regained much of the use of my left hand and range of motion in my arm.  Typing is still challenging, but as an IT professional I have an opportunity to get plenty of practice through repetition, which they say is the key to promoting and building new neural pathways in the brain.  My left leg still gives me the most problems, but I attend Physical Therapy every week and work out with a personal trainer twice/week.

The rehab hospital I was in wrote an article on my story and recovery that you can read here.

I feel fortunate that I was able to return to my life’s activities, such as working and driving, as so many do not.

I will attempt to add topics relating to my recovery or  things relevant in the world of stroke recovery that may be of interest.